What does a church do when its Christmas wreath needs to be hoisted 55 feet?

You call the Tamaqua Fire Department and enlist the aid of the borough's aerial unit.

In crisp, cold air late Tuesday, volunteers from American Hose Company affixed a seven-foot wreath to the top of Trinity United Church of Christ.

"I think this is about the 23rd year it's been done," said Richard Hadesty, former mayor.

Hadesty is a member of the congregation and has been overseeing the annual spectacle from the start. He said American Hose firefighters typically perform the job during one of the regular truck nights.

The wreath was hoisted using heavy cables and pulleys until fireman Alex Boyce, Tamaqua, intercepted it at the top of the ladder and secured it to the building

Aerial foreman Dale Hadesty and the aerial crew took their time with the procedure and made sure that it went off without a hitch.

Trinity Church is situated on an elevation called The Pines in the North Ward section of Tamaqua and has been in that general area since 1867. The first church building was located across the street at the present-day Washington and Lafayette street parking lot.

The existing building with the imposing face was constructed in 1961 at a cost of $350,000, according to church records.

Trinity UCC's newly arrived pastor, the Rev. Darryl Kensinger, watched the wreath-hoisting procedure from an area near the iron steps.

Kensinger said he and his wife are enjoying their new home and new location, and are delighted to have the opportunity to get to know members of the congregation and residents of town.