A "game club" proposed for Jim Thorpe Area High School students has some school board members concerned.

As a result, the school board tabled action on the club Tuesday night until at least next month's meeting.

The club would meet on Friday afternoons after school and include video game competitions and exploring how to make video games.

Details of the proposed club were presented by Heather Zakrewsky, a teacher.

Zakrewsky said 33 students have already indicated they would participate in such activity.

Board member John Partenio was the first board member to speak up, stating he is worried that some of the material is rated PG-13. He said PG-13 material often has language inappropriate for a classroom.

Zakrewsky tried to assure the board that the rating for video games is more stringent than it is for movies.

Dr. Barbara Conway, district superintendent, said she understands the video games might have simulated gambling and strong language. "I'm concerned about some of the content in them," she remarked.

She also said she feels strongly against the violence shown in video games. "With everything going on, every time I see the word violence," she gets concerned.

She added, "I just think we have a lot of creativity with our kids and feel we should have a better way to channel it."

Board member Bill Allison said he would rather see clubs proposed that would contribute to academics.

Zakrewsky sought to assure that computer programming and coding would be part of the club's activities.

Allison urged Zakrewsky to revise the criteria for the club and re-submit the request to the school board.

In other matters:

Ÿ Gerald Strubinger, the board's representative to the Carbon Career and Training Institute, said the CCTI is close to selling its adult education building. He said it appears the building will be sold through a Realtor rather than by an auction. Before the sale occurs, an appraisal of the building needs to be performed.

Ÿ Allison was named as Strubinger's alternate as the CCTI representative. He praised the educational contributions of CCTI, stating, "CCTI is a great function and fits well with jobs."

Ÿ Strubinger urged the board to put full emphasis on improving education quality. He said, "It's great to teach Civil War history, but we should teach American government first."

Strubinger also suggested that the Pa. House of Representatives be reduced by 100 members and that the money the state saves should be used for education.

Ÿ Work is progressing on getting the Jim Thorpe High School ready to be the new site for the Carbon County office of Lehigh County Community College.

A "Meet the Cougers night" will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Dec. 27 during which board members can tour the new LCCC site.

The community college is moving to the Jim Thorpe location from Jim Thorpe.

Since the college will be located in the front of the building, there was some discussion about the large sign above the front door proclaiming it as "Jim Thorpe High School."

It was noted that any new signage must go through Jim Thorpe borough's zoning board.