Dear Editor:

Almost daily we hear of the decline of print media in the United States. The Internet, e-books, and smart phones have changed the landscape for the reporting of news. None of us can predict what may develop tomorrow. We definitely live in fluid times!

The Palmerton Area is blessed to have a dedicated organization at the TIMES NEWS that is not only in the forefront of our "electronic age" of reporting but is also committed to continuing publication of an evening newspaper. Many of us still enjoy the tactile nature of our reading material!

But none of this would be important without your staff of talented writers who cover the local "beat" from Tamaqua to Stroudsburg. Palmerton is particularly blessed with the efforts of Linda Koehler, Elsa Kerschner, and Terry Ahner who do so much to provide our community with up-to-date reporting and whose writing is crisp and accurate.

Palmerton is poised to be recognized as a National Historic District - a distinction that is deserved by its unique heritage. On behalf of the Palmerton Area Historical Society, I wish to extend to you and your entire staff our appreciate for your reporting and for your continued belief in the importance of small towns such as ours.


Jane Borbe

Palmerton Area HistoricalSociety president