The kickoff of the year-long celebration of Slatington's 150th anniversary is getting close.

The events committee for the borough's anniversary committe said volunteers are needed for the Aug. 24 kickoff for various jobs, including manning stands, ticket sales and taking borrowed chairs to the site.

At this week's meeting, the committee began finalizing plans.

The kickoff celebration will begin at 4 p.m., but volunteers are needed beginning at 9 a.m.

Needed are more crafters.

A table will be set up for the charter members. They will do a fundraiser after the kickoff for year-long events and the parade, which is scheduled for August 2014. There are 20 charter members with others who have said they will join.

Slates and tee shirts will be available for the Aug. 24 event in addition to other memorabilia. Bob Kuntz brought a sample of the keepsake slate for which orders will be taken at the kickoff

The borough has an impressive slate heritage.

Some college students are doing historical research before returning to school, said Candace Merkle, head of the historical committee. Families have given the committee information, but those items that were found by research will be added to the family information.

She is hoping for more family and other group photos with names if possible.

It was asked if anyone went through the early municipal minute books, but no one had.

A small games of chance license was unavailable because the organization would have had to be created at a least a year before the application. The Vigilance Fire Company will handle games that would require the license.

Larry Eckert is working on the parade. He said a permit and liability insurance are needed. He is trying to get the mounted color guard from the Pa. State Police to lead the parade.

A tentative parade route has been created but may have to be changed.

Ed Hartman suggested that the parade disbands at the trailhead.

The beer distributor will set up a reviewing stand.

The committee said a band from Hackettstown, N.J., and the Reading Drum Corps have been added to possible bands. Members added that Northern Lehigh High School will be hosting a band competition and some bands may be available from that event.

Two suggestions were made for a Sister City project. There is one in Vermont that produces green slate and Bangor that has the same type of slate as in the Slatington area.

Two 16 mm films were found, both marked from the 1964 parade. One was turned into a DVD but it had pictures of events. There is hope the second one will actually be of the parade.