Walk in, pull up a chair, and receive guidance as to what benefits may be available.

That's essentially the process local veterans underwent upon their visit to the Slatington office of state Rep. Julie Harhart (R-Lehigh/Northampton) on Thursday.

Veteran Gerry Eisenbach, of Walnutport, saw fit to take a moment to attend the Veterans Outreach Assistance program.

"I'm seeking assisted living benefits from the VA," Eisenbach said. "I'm a widower, and I live alone."

Much to Eisenbach's pleasure, Frederick Smith, veterans outreach specialist from the American Legion in Wilkes-Barre, was able to assist him.

"They can learn if they're entitled to benefits, the type of benefits they're entitled to, and assisting them in applying for their benefits," Smith said. "We're doing really good, and there are more people scheduled to come in."

Harhart said the program has proven to be quite useful to veterans such as Eisenbach, who may have issues such as accessing benefits and services from the U.S. Veterans Administration.

"If you're a veteran having trouble understanding your VA benefits, or simply navigating the VA system, I encourage you to schedule an appointment with our veterans outreach specialist," Harhart said. "Having someone walk you through the process can be extremely helpful, which is why I am so appreciative that the American Legion is offering this unique service to our area veterans."

The veterans outreach specialist is available the first Thursday of each month on alternating months at Harhart's Slatington or Northampton district offices. Appointments are necessary.