Sues club

A property owner in the Lake Hauto development in Rush Township filed a civil suit against the management of the development for alleged water damages caused to a piece of property.

The action was started by Michelle K. Griffiths, 10 Spruce Terrace, and is against Lake Hauto Club which manages the development. The suit states that Spruce Terrance is an island and cul-de-sac, both which are situate to the northern side of her property and which is maintained by the club.

Ms Griffiths states she built a home on the site in 1998 and claims during the summer of 2010 the club allegedly altered the island portion of the cul-de-sac north of Griffiths property and removed existing shrubs and trees and placed material in the island area which allegedly created a semi-impervious surface by the soil to run off the island across Spruce Terrace and onto her property causing damages.

The suit also alleges modifications made to the Spruce Terrace road side front and to the roadside swale along the south side of Spruce Terrace which facilitated storm water flow over and upon her property.

Griffiths states in the suit she asked the club to correct the conditions but they refused and she had to hire an engineering service contractor to remedy the storm water damage at a cost of $4,808.40. Her suit seeks to recover the cost of stopping the water flow onto her property.