A sign that was damaged and subsequently removed nearly half a century ago has reemerged in Slatington.

The Slatington Borough Crew worked on Tuesday to erect a replica railroad station sign on the pavilion at the Slatington Trailhead. The sign says "Slatington", and gives the number of miles from the borough to New York City and Buffalo.

Dan Stevens, president of Northern Lehigh Future Focus, said the sign is a replica of a sign which hung on the Slatington Station of the Lehigh Valley Railroad.

Stevens said NLFF paid $390 for the sign. The colors used were the same ones that had been on the original sign.

The replica was handcrafted by railroad enthusiast Keith Bednar, of Mehoopany, Wyoming County.

"We thought it was important to remind people of the history of the site," Stevens said. "We thought it was a really nice addition onto the site."

Robert Stettner, a member of NLFF, said the original sign hung on the Slatington Station of the Lehigh Valley Railroad, until the station was struck by cars from a derailment of a Lehigh Valley Railroad freight transport back in Feb. of 1969.

The station, Stettner said, was razed shortly after the accident.

Northern Lehigh Future Focus is a Slatington based community visioning group that serves the Northern Lehigh area.