Lansford police have cited the following people, all but one from out-of-town, for code violations:

Jose Roldan, of 647 Rockport Road, Weatherly: Roofs and drainage, windows, and protective treatment at 6 E. Ridge St.; Ridge St. Holdings, LLC, C/O Scott Dobrin, Pocono: Roofs and drainage, windows, and building security at 116 W. Ridge St.; Pawel Heckman, of 5519 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY: Weeds at 238 E. Patterson St.; Denise Emmert, of 162 E. Phillips St, Apt. 2, Coaldale: Weeds at 514 E. Kline Ave.; Richard Weber, of 223 Church St., Belford, NJ: Weeds and roofs and drainage at 526 E. Kline Ave.; Glen Rodgers, of 3 Oakwood Drive, Beufort, SC: Weeds, building security, and roofs and drainage at 154 W. Abbott St.; Jamie Collazos, of 109 Olympia Drive, Claymont, DE: Weeds at 521 E. Bertsch St.;Safeguard Properties: Weeds at 507 E. Abbott St.; Safeguard Properties: Weeds at 312 W. Snyder Ave.; Lorraine Sanky, E. Stroudsburg:Weeds at the rear of 204 W. Ridge St.; and Daniel Dolly, last known address 215 W. Patterson St., Lansford: Weeds at 215 W. Patterson St.