Our Lady of The Angels Academy in Lansford celebrated Red Ribbon Week last week with a variety of activities, lessons, and theme days.

On Monday students participated in "Are You Red-y To Be Drug Free?" Day, where the school body dressed in red, received their red ribbons to wear throughout the week, and created a human red ribbon. Pledges were also signed in each classroom where the students pledged to remain the best them they can be while maintaining a healthy, drug and alcohol free body.

The classrooms also began a door decorating contest to display a variety of Red Ribbon slogans such as "We Are Toad-ily Against Drugs" and "I Don't Give A Hoot About Drugs."

Tuesday was "Team Up Against Drugs" Day. Students and faculty displayed their favorite team shirts and healthy lifestyles and teamwork was reinforced during gym classes.

"I Elect To Say No To Drugs" was celebrated on Wednesday. Students and faculty wore red, white, and blue clothing to encourage patriotism and good choices made by not just the students, but also authority figures. Student Peer Helpers completed activities in each classroom to reinforce drug free choices and explained what it means to be drug free.

On Thursday, students wore their pajamas to school for "Put Drugs To Rest" Day. This was also Grim Reminder day where our Peer Helpers became a visual reminder to all of the consequences that one destructive decision can create. Peer Helpers symbolically "died" throughout the day to remind students of the number of people who die each day from drug and alcohol use, as well as the affects that every community suffers.

Red Ribbon Week concluded with Friday's "Say BOO! To Drugs." Students and faculty welcomed the Marian Rock Ministry at their weekly Mass followed by a Halloween parade and parties where students were reminded of safe trick-or-treating practices and were encouraged to continue to live drug, alcohol, and violence-free lives.