On Monday, Oct. 15, the Weatherly Junior Girl Scout Troop visited the Carbon County Commissioners' Office as part of a requirement for the "Inside Government Badge" they are earning.

The girls learned about what it means to be an active citizen and what some of their rights and responsibilities are that come with being a citizen; one of the most important rights and responsibilities being to Vote when they reach the age of 18.

The commissioners explained what the Carbon County government is responsible for and what the commissioners do on a daily basis; some of the issues that the county is working on today and how these issues were the same or are different from 20 years ago. They heard about the laws that pertain to them as children and those that directly effect their parents and their future.

The commissioners also asked the girls what they would like to see changed in their future and encouraged the girls to stay active in their communities so that they could help make the world a better place.

A commemorative sesquicentennial collectable coin dated 1843-1993 was presented to each of the girls as a remembrance of their visit.