· The median income for home-educating families ($75,000 to $79,999) was similar to all married-couple families nationwide with one or more related children under age 18 (median income $74,049 in 2006 dollars; or roughly 78,490 in 2008 dollars).

· Homeschool parents have more formal education than parents in the general population; 66.3 percent of the fathers and 62.5 percent of the mothers had a college degree (bachelor's degree) or a higher educational attainment. In 2007, 29.5 percent of all adult males nationwide ages 25 and over had finished college and 28 percent of females had done so.

· These homeschool families are notably larger 68.1 percent have three or more children than families nationwide.

· The percent of homeschool students in this study who are White/not-Hispanic (91.7 percent) is disproportionately high compared to public school students nationwide.

· Almost all homeschool students (97.9 percent) are in married couple families. Most home school mothers (81 percent) do not participate in the labor force; almost all home school fathers (97.6 percent) do work for pay.

· The median amount of money spent annually on educational materials is about $400 to $599 per home-educated student.

Source: The National Home Education Research Insitute