On a day with Chamber of Commerce Weather, Pottsville's Paige Stoner made the most of the Schuykill League Cross Country Championships by scoring her third consecitive victory. Stoner won the race over North Schuylkill's Abby Warner by more than two minutes.

Jim Thorpe's Courtney Capper was the top local runner, coming in seventh overall. Capper improved from her 19th place finish a year ago and she credited her teammates for her success.

"I listened to my teammates to push on the hill," Capper said. "I've been practicing with the boys and it really paid off."

Capper put herself in a good position heading into the District meet in Bethlehem next week.

"If she runs like this she will go to states," Jim Thorpe coach Drew Benyo said. "She is an outstanding runner and has been working hard. I'm very happy for her."

Tamaqua's Chelsea Frantz was the next area runner, coming in 16th overall. Catherine Condly of Jim Thorpe and Maria Streisel of Tamaqua also earned top 20 finishes, coming in 19th and 20th, respectively.

In the boys race, North Schuylkill's Brendan Shearn set a course record enroute to his second consecitive victory at the Schuylkill League Cross Country Championships. Shearn won the race with a time of 15:17, over a minute ahead of second place Codi Wood of Pottsville.

Shearn was in a league of his own on this day and said he has high expectations for District meet next week. "I'm not sure what the course record is there, but I'm definitiely going to shoot for it," Shearn said.

Jim Thorpe had a strong showing from the boys team, placing five runners in the top 20 to help them secure second place overall.

Christian Fields led the Olympians, finishing fourth with a time of 16:58. Jim Thorpe's Jonathan Condly, Jacob Saxon, Zachary Nace and Jake McGeehan finished sixth, 10th, 15th and 18th, respectively. Marian's Phillip Marzen also had a top-20 finish, coming in 13th.

"I think today shows how much hard work we've put in all year," Fields said.

Fields also made it clear that the team has been working hard for coach Benyo this season.

"Since it's our coach's 25th season, we wanted to do something special for him," he said.

The Olympians' have a chance to do even more for their coach next week at the District meet in Bethlehem.


Team Standings

1. Pottsville 30, 2. Blue Mountain 50, 3. North Schuylkill 92, 4. Minersville 109, 5. Tamaqua 140, 6. Mahanoy Area 160, 7. Jim Thorpe 164, 8. Shenandoah Valley 213, 9. Schylkill Haven 243, 10. Weatherly 273, 11. Pine Grove 297.

Individual Results

(Top five finishers)

1. Paige Stoner (P) 18:21, 2. Abby Warner (NS) 20:22, 3. Gabrielle Direnzo (P) 20:36, 4. Sarah Brooks (BM) 20:37, 5. Bailey Nagle (P) 20:37.

(Local finishers in top 50)

7. Courtney Capper (JT) 21:16, 16. Chelsea Frantz (T) 21:58, 18. Catherine Condly (JT) 22:06, 19. Maria Streisel (T) 22:08, 32. Lindsay Douglas (W) 23:25, 33. Emily Bumblusky (T) 23:30, 35. Victoria Labar (T) 23:51, 37. Melanie Kostecky (T) 23:55, 41. Molly Balliet (Marian) 24:08, 42. Breanna Gehres (JT) 24:19, 43. Lindsay Capper (JT) 24:21, 50. Alexandra Miller (T) 24:52,


Team Standings

1. Pottsville 40, 2. Jim Thorpe 53, 3. North Schuylkill 81, 4. Blue Mountain 107, 5. Minersville 166, 6. Schuylkill Haven 171, 7. Mahanoy Area 184, 8. Tamaqua 197, 9. C M V T 227, 10. Marian Catholic 258, 11. Weatherly 313, 12. Nativity BVM 343, 13. Pine Grove 346, 14. Shenandoah Valley 362.

Individual Results

(Top five finishers)

1. Brendan Shearn (NS) 15:17, 2. Codi Wood (P) 16:48, 3. Jake Plachko (P) 16:51, 4. Christian Fields (JT) 16:58, 5. Devin Mashak (NS) 17:15.

(Local finishers in top 50)

6. Jonathan Condly (JT) 17:34, 10. Jacob Saxon (JT) 17:58, 13. Phillip Marzen (Marian) 18:11, 15. Zachary Nace (JT) 18:16, 18. Jake McGeehan (JT) 18:30, 22. Robert Taylor (JT) 18:40, 24. Dustin Sabol (T) 18:49, 33. Andrew Tite (T) 19:16, 35. Zachary Oliveria (T) 19:23, 39. Luke Figas (W) 19:34, 50. Brett Kelly (W) 20:11,