Dressed in their rag-tag garb, they may look the part of odd fellows.

But, don't be fooled: the stick figures that have been placed in front of various businesses in Downtown Palmerton is part of the allure to attract visitors.

Sponsored by the Palmerton Area Chamber of Commerce, the second annual Scarecrow Display is in full tilt, according to Joan Turko, coordinator of the display.

Neatly placed in front of their buildings, or in their windows, local businesses have dressed their scarecrows in a manner that identifies their respective business. The displays are available during the participants' business hours.

"We were very pleased with the level of participation last year from the businesses on Delaware Avenue," Turko said. "We are hoping for a repeat of the quality and quantity for this season."

Turko stressed the promotion and celebration isn't relegated solely to Delaware Avenue, and added that private homes are welcome to take part in the activity.

Stands may still be ordered by calling Brian Billig, of Palmerton Lumber Company, at (610) 824-4888. For more information on the display, call Turko at (610) 826-2716.

Last year, the chamber sponsored the event as the beginning of Palmerton's celebration of the centennial of its incorporation.

As part of the celebration, a special stamp cancellation will be provided using the actual date of the incorporation of Palmerton from 1-3 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 14, at the Palmerton Area Heritage Center in Palmerton.

The borough was officially incorporated on Oct. 14, 1912.