St. Luke's Hospital patients are now able to enjoy a more spacious and comfortable place to receive cancer and intravenous infusion therapy.

St. Luke's Hospital – Miners Campus recently opened its new $279,000 infusion center to treat cancer patients as well as those requiring intravenous infusion therapy.

"Our staff, which saw their first patients in the new center on Feb. 6, will continue to offer the same compassionate quality care in a newer state-of-the-art center," according to a management statement.

The new 1,383 square foot center, located on the west wing of the third floor of the hospital, is designated as a Class A Medical Space, which is defined as containing high quality standard finishes, state of the art systems, exceptional accessibility, as well as many other aspects that make the new center stand out.

"We are delighted that we have a beautiful, new space to accommodate our infusion patients," said Bill Moyer, hospital president. "We have redesigned this space with our patients' and families' needs in mind and believe that the new space will aid in the healing process.

"As a value-added service beyond the personalized support and advanced care that the clinic staff offers, we are offering permit parking immediately outside of the west wing for infusion patients' convenience in accessing the new area. Inside, we have created a protected environment in an exclusive waiting room for patients whose immune systems may be compromised."

Faye Houser, a patient from Tamaqua, agreed.

"The great staff here couldn't be better," she said while sitting at an infusion station. "The center is very spacious and comfortable, and best of all, only a short drive away."

In addition to the convenient parking and new, exclusive waiting room, new comfortable chairs, personal televisions and natural light are available in each of the five new patient bays.

"We are very excited to continue to be offering treatment to our patients who would otherwise have traveled to our Bethlehem Infusion Center. We are able to provide the same clinical quality care provided throughout the St. Luke's University Network," said Kim Sargent, RN, Vice President of Patient Care Services.

Both Sargent and Sharon Oravec, RN, Nurse Manager, will provide services at the center, including chemotherapy; injections, to include B 12, once daily Lovenox and erythropoetins; IV Infusions, including iron, hydration, Remicade and Reclast; blood transfusions; iV antibiotics; therapeutic phlebotomy; and port flushes.

"Starting with the Board of Trustees and the President of the hospital, St. Luke's has made it our mission to provide high quality facilities and skilled physicians in Coaldale so patients can receive the same excellent level of care without having to travel," said Maureen Donovan, hospital trustee. "This new infusion center is another huge step to provide advanced, full-service care right here, close to home. With the addition of this infusion center with our emergency department, the Intensive Care Unit, the renovated inpatient rooms, St. Luke's Cardiology Associates and St. Luke's Orthopedics Specialists, patients will not have to travel very far for specialized St. Luke's quality care."

For more information about the center or to schedule an appointment, patients and physicians can call (570) 645-8366.