The Panther Valley school board on Thursday thanked the football Booster Club for refurbishing the weight room.

Football coach Lon Hazlet said volunteers spent Presidents Day weekend working on the project. The wrestling and basketball boosters clubs donated to the project, as did the Kovatch Corporation.

"We repainted and cleaned everything, we reupholstered everything," he said. "It really turned out nice."

Booster Club president Terri Williams said 20 people spent about 200 man-hours on the project.

"It made it a much more up-to-date environment for not only the football team, but all of our student-athletes," she said.

In other matters, school director David Hiles questioned the district's meal providers about "pink slime."

News broke earlier Thursday about the federal government's plan to use the stuff finely ground connective tissue and beef trimming, treated with ammonium hydroxide to prevent E. coli and salmonella contamination in school lunches.

The USDA recently bought seven million pounds of "pink slime."

Some fast food restaurant chains, including McDonald's, have stopped using the material, officially called "lean beef trimmings."

Hiles wants to make sure Panther Valley students are not getting the stuff in their hamburgers.

Vicky Stahr, regional manager for The Nutrition Group, Danville, which provides meal to the district, said the company does not process the hamburgers the district gets, but that she would ask about the material.