Venus & the Moon, Jim Thorpe, has announced the opening of Voices of the Hollow Maze recent prints of David Watkins Price, in its exhibit space at 31 Race Street. The Friday, March 2 event begins at 5 p.m., as part of Venus & the Moon's First Friday festivities. Each month Venus & the Moon features artists whose work is forward-looking and transformational, connecting us with cosmic energies.

Price, a Northeastern Pennsylvania artist known for his seminal work, Standing Stones (for which he received the F. Lamott Belin Scholarship out of Waverly), is working on a series of new prints he calls Voices Of The Hollow Maze.

Inspired by travels to China and Egypt, Price recently returned from central France where an interest in Templar Architecture led him to a small stone cottage. In a place untouched by the outside world he found inspiration for this new series, a section of rural France where the past remains in abundance. Surrounded by fields of wild flowers and labyrinths of speaking streams, farm ruins of the 15th and 16th centuries are poised between past and present time. These experiences forged a vision for Price's new series of prints.

"The works are nurtured and transformed by luminal places in the margin we connect with worlds beyond our sight," says Price. "Voices of the Hollow Maze is less about architecture and more about resonance the resonance of forms left behind by people who have abided within them all the days of their lives.

"These works are about people whose hands have lit the fires on homely hearths; whose hands have stirred apple butter in their summer kitchens, and who have walked the hollow maze of paths that connect with quiet places in the margin," adds Price.

"Perhaps the most important connection I feel as an artist is to the feelings of love found in ordinary things."

Price's Voices of the Hollow Maze will be exhibited throughout the month of March.

For more event information, contact Michelle Gallagher at (570) 954-4520. For more about Venus & the Moon, visit