Volunteer firefighters used a hydraulic rocker panel ram supporter to push the dashboard back and up off the trapped driver in vehicular accident.

Others attended to an injured man whose four-wheeler crashed into a tree.

Firefighters inflated a 3-stage air bag and inserted wooden blocks to stabilize an overturned van that had the ejected driver (a stuffed dummy) pinned underneath. Monroe County Coroner, Bob Allen and Deputy Coroner, Ian Shedlock arrived and pronounced the victim dead.

A scene from a horrific fatal traffic accident involving multiple vehicles and people?

Actually, it was an elaborate training session for members of the Polk Township Volunteer Fire Company, organized by the fire company's township coordinator, Barry Borger.

It was all set up on a bad curve on Upper Greenhill Road and gave the volunteer firefighters an opportunity to practice their response and rescue skills. From the moment the Monroe County Emergency Management's call center sent Polk Twp. Fire Co. the alarm, their response to the accident site was timed and their actions were filmed and recorded. Afterward, the participants returned to the firehouse in Kresgeville to watch the video and hear critiques on how they handled the situation.

"It's training for the volunteers. It helps us see our mistakes and then we can correct them," says Borger.

Participating in the training session was the West End Ambulance, Monroe County Coroner's office, the Pennsylvania State Police out of Lehighton. Borger Service Center supplied the vehicles.

"We do this to help us be better at our jobs," said Billy Tippett, Polk Twp.'s assistant fire chief.