Those with a thirst for an ultimate heavy metal experience are in luck.

Von Sorcerer, a Palmerton musician, has produced his own album, "The Church of the Everlasting Space Crystal".

Ron Evans, also known as Von Sorcerer, created the album, with assistance from Tony Oriolo, owner of Fret Prodigy Studios in Palmerton.

Evans said he contacted Oriolo after he saw an article that ran in the TIMES NEWS on the opening of the studio.

"I recorded this album about a year ago," Evans said. "It was pretty much done, but I came in here for management."

Oriolo said he was more than happy to assist Evans with his record, which has 10 songs on the track.

Together, the duo designed the album cover, and recorded a few leads and a few vocals, Oriolo said.

"Von Sorcerer is an undiscovered master of metal," Oriolo said. "Not only is he a top shelf guitarist, he is a great lyricist and song writer."

Evans said the album is the culmination of 35 years of knowledge of hard rock, progressive rock, and metal.

The lyrics are somewhat psychedelic, visionary, and brutally heavy, said Evans, who added that the music can be primitive at times, but futuristic at others.

Evans said the album is based on the Ancient Alien Visitation Theory, and is for the listener whom is looking for something different but is not lost.

"Each song is a total individual with a different character narrating the vision and the story," he said. "This helps the story be interesting from beginning to end."

Evans said he's grateful to Oriolo for his management help and promotion, and praised the studio.

"My goal is for young people in Palmerton to have a place to learn music, get them riled up," he said. "It's a really great thing Tony's doing here; and I'm surprised at all the young people who want to learn and do positive things with it."

For his part, Oriolo said he hopes other musicians follow Von Sorcerer's lead and contact the studio.

"Our studio is on our way to becoming a professional recording studio," Oriolo said. "I want to encourage other local artists to come in and produce their albums with us."

Back in the 1980s, Evans said he was a member of the band, Sorcerer, which performed concerts on the Lehigh Valley Club Circuit.

Since then, Evans said his former bandmates went on to form their own group, Shadow Gallery.

"I'm like their mentor," he said. "I'm very proud of them."

Evans said he's devoted his life to his career.

"I dedicated my life to music," he said. "I pulled all the tricks out of the book for this one."

Appointments with Fret Prodigy Studios may be made by calling 610-844-8761, or by visiting