Seven teachers at Towamensing Elementary School are retiring. They were given special recognition at the school's sixth grade graduation and recognition assembly. They are: Diane Morgan, 6th grade; Deb Hard, 3rd grade; Jean Calpas, 3rd grade; Linda Strohl, Kindergarten; Joan Kasko, Kindergarten; Sue Nearhood, 1st grade; and Joan Green, 5th grade.

Mr. Strohl presented each of them with a bouquet of flowers and read a poem titled "Your Crowd." "A wonderful teacher, must you retire? We are our crowd, we'll always admire. So many kids, you have inspired, Many skills they have acquired. We have learned a great deal from you, Encouraged us, over the years as we grew. With hard work, you said we'll achieve, Now we are sad, that you must leave. Checked that our homework was always done, Explained to us that learning is fun. We'll make sure to make you proud, Since we'll always be your crowd.

Each of the teachers shed tears as the poem was read.

"There is 200 years of combined teaching here. You deserve a key to Towamensing School," said Mr. Strohl and he handed each a blue key.

Mrs. Steigerwalt said, "I'm sure you opened the hearts to many students."