Thursday evening, Carbon Career and Technical Institute's commencement ceremony for the class of 2012 was held in the Jim Thorpe High School Auditorium. Around 70 students, from numerous different trade areas, received their diplomas.

Principal, Brent Borzak opened the commencement with a greeting to the class of 2012, family, friends, faculty, and staff.

Jeanette Richards sung, "The Star Spangled Banner."

Speeches were given by several members of the class of 2012.

In her speech, Sara Tompkins, Senior Class President stated, "After tonight, it's all over. We are now a part of something bigger. Whether it is continuing on with schooling, entering the work force, or going into the military, we now choose our own paths. As one door closes, another opens. A door is closing tonight as we walk off this stage. We have been guided by our loved ones and teachers these past four years. They've taught us all they could and now it is time to put what they've taught us into motion."

She also stated, "We now have the rest of our lives to make a difference. Whether this is a difference in someone's life or a difference in the world. I stand here surrounded by my peers. The class of 2012 is now separating, changed in ways only high school could do. This is metamorphosis."

Gregory Oboril, class Salutatorian remarked, "I will never forget the memories I've made here at CCTI. I will cherish the good, and learn from the bad. The lessons and skills that I have been taught will help carry me down the road to success. I will take this knowledge and use it in the upcoming years just like my classmates."

In speaking to the graduating class Oboril said, "Finally, to my classmates; always push to succeed. Never settle for average, and keep your heads high. We have been taught a trade that will always be around in the world. Use your time wisely to make the best of life. Your choice after tonight is completely up to you. Some are going to college, others are going to a trade college; some are even going right out into the work force. Whichever road you decide to follow, make it worth the trip. With the closing of this part of our lives, we can open a new chapter and continue on in the path of success."

Class Valedictorian, Brandon Poole spoke about the class of 2012. He stated, "Since our time here, the class of 2012 has been leading the way. We excel at our trades, and most of us are maintaining a part-time job at the same time. We have achieved the highest NOCTI testing scores that CCTI has ever seen, 97% of our students achieved competent or advanced certification."

"The class of 2012 is a special group, in that we have all got to know each other over the years," he added.

Poole went on to say, "There is no doubt in my mind that our class can move forward, inventing the best future possible, not only for the people around us, and for the people whom have helped us come this far, but for ourselves. Class of 2012, we have had a great four years, but now it is time to show the world what we can accomplish! Congratulations and best of luck to my fellow graduates!"

During their speeches, Tompkins, Oboril, and Poole also gave special thanks to family, friends, peers, faculty, staff, and administrators.

Administrative Director, David Reinbold and Joint Operating Committee Chair, Andrew Yenser presented the graduating class with diplomas.

Senior class officers, Sara Tompkins, President; Jesse Schneck, Vice President; Shelby Snell, Secretary; Brandon Poole, Treasurer; and Johnathan Breiner, Historian, led the class in the tassel ceremony.

Reinbold ended the ceremony by announcing the class of 2012 as graduates of CCTI.