Management and staff of the St. Luke's Hospital - Miner's Campus in Coaldale spent time Tuesday greeting visitors as they entered the hospital's new lobby and registration area.

This project was one of two large projects being done on the first floor of the hospital following heavy flooding that hit the lower level of the hospital in November of last year.

The unveiling yesterday, which marked the completion of the first project, showed visitors many improvements and additions to the lobby. Some of the improvements consist of a new lobby, new registration areas, new lab draw area and bathrooms. "The lobby's design was modeled after St. Luke's Anderson Campus, which was completed last November," said Brian Walsh, project manager. The total cost of the first project was about $300,000.

Stage two involves opening of the new Heart and Vascular Center, which is expected to be unveiled in August.

"The project also provides patients and visitors a private and larger registration area," said Micah Gursky, director of Development at the Miner's Campus. 'It also provides patients easier access into various departments of the hospital."

"The new areas provide an ideal patient experience, as well providing visitors and patients an easier and more timely access to health care in the hospital, "said Lisa Smolskis, Manager, Patient Access.

"Some visitors mentioned their concern about our hospital preserving the coal miner's heritage," said Smolskis. A mural, which was damaged in the flood, depicting coal miner scenes was made smaller and placed with other art newer works on the walls surrounding the lobby.

"The new lobby provides visitors a consistent feeling, while providing the same love of quality offered by all six St. Luke's hospitals," added Gursky.