Twenty-two zone permits were issued in June by the Schuylkill County Zoning Board with the estimated cost of construction at $1.6 million. Those obtaining permits were as follows:

Lucio and Elaine DiGiovanni,Tower City, deck and porch, $800; Paul and Lorie Rodichok, Tower City, second floor addition, $30,200; Josh Beujchler, Pine Grove, shed, $1,500; Kent Smith and Thomas Smith, Minersville, addition to garage, $4,000; Todd D. Tautman, Tower City, roof and concrete pad, $2,900; Edward Schuler, Washington Township, pole building, $10,000; Harold Wehry III, Upper Mahantongo Township, hop nursery barn, $470,453; Richard P. and Cindee S. Michael, North Union Township, addition over garage $18,000; John and Rita Karas, Union Township, garage, $10,000.

Hubert and Janice Plungis, East Norwegian Township, single family home, $223,900; Bradley Kurtz, Washington Township, agricultural crop and equipment building, $18,000; Samuel A. Miller and Deborah Lamonte, Porter Township, single family home, $262,535; David and Patricia Hummel, Eldred Township, pole building, $22,000; Frederic and Crista Graeff, Reilly Township, shed, $8,000; Alvin M. Scheaffer Jr., Pine Grove, storage shed, $5,761; Christopher and Melissa Sternick, Cass Township, in-ground swimming pool, $32,000; Kyle Aucker, Reilly Township, modular shed, $6,413; and William L. and Kristine M. Tobias, Pine Grove, shed, $4,000.