The potent thunderstorm that swept through the region Saturday afternoon proved to be a grinch in Summit Hill.

The violent winds that accompanied the storm destroyed numerous trees in Ludlow Park, including the large evergreen that serves as the community Christmas tree.

"We lost several trees in the park including the one which we put the Christmas lights on," said John O'Gurek, vice president of the borough council.

Tom Tkach, who lives next to the park on Holland Street, expressed concern about the condition of other trees in the park.

He asked about the responsibility of the borough if a tree falls on a car. O'Gurek said past experience indicates that insurance companies regard fallen trees as an act of nature and that the individual's insurance company pays for the damages.

Tkach suggested that the borough possibly cut some of the trees. He said they are tall and could be 60-70 years old.

Councilman Francis O'Gorman agreed with Tkach. The council said it will look at the trees and see what can be done to make sure they are safer.

In other business:

Ÿ The council agreed to purchase a new Husqvarna lawn mower from Lowe's Home Improvement Center in Lehighton at a price of $2,199, providing the borough has funds to make the purchase. Borough secretary/treasurer Susan K. Gibiser was advised to look at the borough's budget and determine if there are funds available for the mower.

O'Gurek said he priced numerous mowers and the one from Lowe's was the lowest.

Ÿ Monica Marshall, president of the Summit Hill Recreation Commission, said the newly constructed basketball courts along West Amidon Street are complete except for painting the lines on them. She said the contractor was contacted about returning to do the painting.

Two new courts were built. The original plans called for the addition of basketball nets for smaller children, but because of the soft texture of the ground the kiddie courts couldn't be added. She said these nets will eventually be installed on the east side playground.

Ÿ Marshall also said new swings were installed on the Ginder Field playground.

Ÿ In other recreation news, the mini Olympics for community children ages 4-12 will be held Sunday, July 22. Registration begins at noon and the Olympics start at 1 p.m. There are five events, with each youngster eligible to register for three of them.

Ÿ A kids' picnic will be held at Ginder field on Aug. 24, said Marshall.

Ÿ Councilman Bill Chapman expressed concern about the carelessness of youngsters riding bicycles, motorized scooters, and ATVs.

He said he has seen bike riders traveling down the streets between vehicles. He noted recently a bicyclist drove into a car.

Chapman said he stopped at a gas station and two ATV riders were filling their vehicles with gas. One of the drivers, he said, was about 12 years old. The other appeared to be 8 or 9 years old. Both then drove their vehicles down the middle of Amidon Street.

He said in many cases the bike riders aren't wearing helmets as required by law.

He urged the police to be more proactive on the reckless activities by these individuals.