Eldred Township's board of supervisors held its annual reorganization meeting Jan. 3 with few changes.

Clair Borger was reappointed as chairman, Gretchen Gannon Pettit as vice chairman and Sharon Solt as secretary/treasurer. Michael Kaspszyk remains the township solicitor.

Other appointments that were approved 3-0 include:

Ÿ Hanover Engineering Inc., specifically Brien Kocher and Chad Peters as township engineers, at the rate specified in their Dec. 16, 2011 letter

Ÿ Russ Kresge as alternate township engineer

Ÿ Borger as road master

Ÿ Hanover Engineering, specifically Jacob Schray, Scott Brown, Janice Buskirk, Jeffrey Huff and Christopher Taylor as township sewage enforcement officers, at the rates specified in their Dec. 16 letter

Ÿ Pettit as administrative assistant

Ÿ Ellerslie Helm as zoning and codes officer

Ÿ Marilyn Ludwig of Hanover Engineering as building code official (BCO) and any certified third party inspector to administer the UCC inspection

Ÿ Bruce Gower as UCC Joint Board of Appeals officer

Ÿ Berkheimer Associates, via the Monroe County Tax Collection Committee, as the Earned Income Tax Collector

Ÿ Solt and Pettit as Earned Income Tax Collection Liaisons

Ÿ Monroe County Tax Collection Committee Appointee as Earned Income Tax Appeals Officer

Ÿ Gary Hoffman as Emergency Management coordinator

Ÿ Gary Hoffman as Vacancy Board chairman

Ÿ Archie Craig and Philip Marano, Planning Commission, to four year terms expiring Dec. 31, 2015

Ÿ Daniel Lyons as Planning Commission solicitor

Ÿ Albert Aumack as Zoning Hearing Board member, with the term to expire Dec. 31, 2014

Ÿ Chad Martinez as Interim Zoning Hearing Board solicitor, until the board convenes and holds its reorganization meeting

Ÿ Solt as voting delegate to PSATS State Convention

Ÿ Pettit as the Open Records officer

Ÿ Solt and Craig as members of the CJER Regional Comprehensive Plan Committee

The board also approved:

Ÿ to secure a Treasurer's Bond in the amount of $200,000 from Traveler's Casualty and Surety Company of America, from H.A. Thompson

Ÿ to secure a Public Employee Bond from Traveler's Casualty and Surety Company of America, from H.A. Thompson

Ÿ Kunkletown Volunteer Fire Company as the primary designee, subject to the 9-1-1 Center assessment of need to cover Eldred Township

Ÿ West End Ambulance as the primary designee to cover Eldred Township, subject to the 9-1-1 Center assessment of need

Ÿ the township funds are to be deposited in First Niagara Bank and PLGIT

Solt made a motion, seconded by Pettit and it was voted 3-0, to currently keep the township employees wages at the 2011 level, except for an increase to one of the part-time road crew since he is now working on a regular basis. (It was noted that the working supervisors' wages are subject to the auditors approval.)

The 2012 wages are:

Ÿ Roadmaster: $20.00 (working supervisor)

Ÿ Full-time road crew: Employee #1, $17.70; Employee #2, $17.29; Employee #3, $16.14

Ÿ Part-time road crew: Employee #1, $13.84; Employee #2, $13.00

Ÿ Secretary-treasurer: $17.81 (working supervisor)

Ÿ Zoning officer, $13.84

Ÿ Administrative assistant, $13.77 (working supervisor)

Ÿ Maintenance: Employee #1, $11.53

Ÿ Planning Commissioners and Zoning Hearing Board members: $25.00 per meeting.

The board approved 3-0 to retain the benefits as outlined in the employee policy handbook and retain the current Blue Cross PPO for eligible employees, as designated in the Employee Policy Handbook: 13 holidays; two sick days per year; this can be carried over to the following year(s).

Ÿ All other benefits as designated in the Employee Policy Handbook

It was voted 3-0 to use the IRS mileage rate of 55.5 cents per mile.

It was voted 3-0 to keep the first Wednesday of each month as the supervisors' meeting date, at 7:30 p.m., held in the municipal building.