Coming Sunday to Penn's Peak is Ernie Haase & Signature Sound. This is part of the Grammy Award nominee's annual Christmas tour.

Ernie Haase has been part of the Gaither's Gospel Shows for over 10 years and has performed at the Billy Graham Crusade before 82,000 people in Cleveland Stadium.

Tickets for this special Penn's Peak event are just $20 and $25 and can be purchased in advanced. Tickets also will be available at the door.

While Haase and Signature Sound are considered a gospel group, the concert on Sunday will be much more - an evening of fun featuring a lot of secular tunes; age old hits as well as classics from such legends as Burl Ives and Elvis Presley, as well as pop songs and Broadway tunes.

In a phone interview from his home in Stowe, Ohio, Haase said, "We're looking forward to the Jim Thorpe show. We've hear a lot of good things about Penn's Peak."

He said this is the 25th year he is touring.

Haase said he was raised a Christian and taught to follow Jesus. He said growing up he had many dreams, possibly of being a musician, a baseball player, or an architect. He opted for a career in music.

The Christmas Show is most thrilling for Haase. He said they kick the concert off with "Marshmallow World" and from there do all types of selections, including an Elvis imitation of "Blue Christmas."

A comic routine is done mimicking "Clay Nation."

Naturally you'll hear such classics as "What Child Is This."

Ernie Haase & Signature Sound have had several nominations form Grammy Awards. They've won numerous Dove Awards.

They've performed with many major artists.

"Probably one of the most touching things we've done is to be able to be in one of Billy Graham's last crusades," Haase said. "To look down and see over 80,000 people was unbelievable."

Haase also has a standing invitation to sing the National Anthem at the Atlanta Motor Speedway for Nascar races; something he's done for the past three years.

What Haase looks forward to at all his concerts - including the one at Penn's Peak - "is seeing the crowd light up," he said. "We're known as the ambassadors of joy."

He stressed, "Our group is not affiliated with any denomination," adding that the members all are of different faiths and attend their individual churches.

"I'm excited for the opportunity to come to Jim Thorpe," Haase said. "Our Christmas show is the pinnacle of our shows. It's entertaining and touching."

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