The North Central Pa. Regional DUI Enforcement Program has released the following statistics from recent Roving DUI Patrols held in Schuylkill County.

On Aug. 17, a Roving DUI Patrol contacted and detained a total of 26 vehicles. None of the motorists were tested for driving under the influence. Officers issued 10 traffic citations and three warnings. The patrol was conducted by three law enforcement officers from three local departments.

A roving patrol was also conducted on Aug. 18, also involving three officers from three county departments. A total of 22 vehicles were contacted and detained.

Two operators were tested for possible DUI, with both adults arrested. Officers issued 17 traffic citations, made four criminal arrests and issued 11 warnings.

Sobriety checkpoints and Roving DUI patrols will also be conducted through Aug. 27 on state routes 61, 183, 901, 209, 309, 443, 895, 125, 25, 924 and 54.

Travelers are reminded to dial 911 if they suspect a drunken driver. To report underage drinking, call 1-888-UNDER21.

The sobriety checkpoints and Roving DUI patrols are funded through the state Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).