Rush Township Police are investigating a retail theft that occurred early Monday morning at the Hometown Wal-Mart, in which over $10,000 worth of electronics was stolen.

Surveillance video shows a group of African American individuals working together during the theft. Some acted as lookouts, while others used a crowbar and bolt cutter to break into the store's cases and steal many Kindles and laptops.

Police reported that there were two vehicles involved.

"It was a very organized operation with drivers and lookouts," said Sgt. Duane Frederick of the Rush Township Police Department. He added that the thieves ended up breaking out of a fire door on the outside patio in the lawn and garden department.

From the video it appears that three males entered the store. One African American female was the driver of one of the cars.

Police are still trying to determine who was operating the other vehicle. Officials pointed out that this group might be the same people who hit another Wal-Mart in central Pennsylvania.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Rush Township Police Department at (570)-668-4242.