West Penn Rod and Gun Club in Clamtown held its 9th annual children's fishing derby recently at the Black Bear Hollow, aka Shellhamer Ice Dam, located off of SR309 in South Tamaqua. This year's derby drew more than 350 registered children up to age 16 to the hollow. West Penn Rod and Gun Club president John Brode said the pond at the hollow is stocked by the club during the winter and the week prior to the derby. More than 1,200 fish were stocked in the winter and 2,000 more were stocked prior to the derby. Children were able to catch a couple dozen tagged fish for prizes. The Shellhamer Ice Dam is visible from the old Lehigh and New England Railroad bed is one of a few historical ice dams and remnants of a famous entertainment and recreation complex, which was developed around it. Members of the West Penn Rod and Gun Club and other volunteer groups have spent numerous years revitalizing the hollow. Brode stated the club's appreciation for all the volunteers who spent so much time preparing and organizing the annual derby. He also pointed out his high appreciation for all derby sponsors. For more information about future fishing derbies or events, call the club at (570) 386-1123. Jim Szczecina gives fishing pointers to his granddaughter Taylor Szczecina, 10.