Nine students from Our Lady of the Angels Academy, Lansford, were recently named "Students of the Month" for March.

They were selected because they exhibited the virtue of honesty.

The following are quotes from each student.

Makayla Gaston, kindergarten: "I always try to tell the truth, even when it is hard."

Ethan Gardiner, first grade: "I always tell the truth even if I get into trouble."

Hannah Soberick, second grade: "I was chosen Student of the Month because I told what I did, that's why I got picked."

Tatianna Zeleniak, third grade: "I am honest no matter what happens. I don't gossip about people. I do the right thing even when no one is looking."

Sophia Tenisci, fourth grade: "I was honest. I never lie. I always tell the truth."

Olivia Weaver, fifth grade: "I think it is important to be a good person and tell the truth all of the time."

Scott Faust, sixth grade: "I am always honest when I answer my parents, my teacher, or anyone of authority."

William Cuevas, seventh grade: "I was honest to the students of the school and the teachers of the school."

Barry Fulton, eighth grade: "I always try to do my best. I admit to mistakes and try to correct them. I always keep my promises. I think it's important to be aware of your weaknesses and ask for help when you need it."