Random acts of shooting vandalism in the Union Hill area of Franklin Township have residents upset and angry.

And the acts of vandalism aren't only occurring in front of homes. On Sunday night, Franklin Township Police Officer Jason Doll confirmed that there were at least two shootings at moving cars on Route 248 by unknown persons using a pellet gun from the vicinity of Union Hill.

John Hawk of Held Street has been the victim of these shootings at his property three times since the new year.

Hawk's home was hit with paint balls on Jan. 15, and then a week later, his truck's windshield was shot out. Then vandals shot the side window of his truck sometime between Easter Sunday and Monday morning.

"I plan to have cameras out," said Hawk. "I can't keep paying to replace the windows. It cost me $300 to repair the paint ball damage to my house and then it cost me $250 a week later for my windshield."

Hawk's vehicle wasn't the only one that had its windows shot out. Hawk pointed at several homes in his neighborhood that had car windows replaced due to the shootings on Jan. 22.

Hawk said that the back window of his uncle's truck was shot out on that date and was finally repaired last week. On Sunday, a side window was shot out.

After speaking to neighbors, Hawk believes there were at least 11 cars that were shot at on Easter weekend in Union Hill.

Joe Shisslak of 346 Held St. and neighbor Joe M. Moyer, who lives at 344 Held St., which is a double home, were two of the victims who had their windows shot out last weekend.

Shisslak said that his van also has a dent in the trim and the lock was damaged, so he cannot unlock the door.

Moyer said he moved to Union Hill last month after a kitchen fire at his previous residence.

"Since I have lived here, someone sideswiped my car and kept going and now shot out my car window," said Moyer. "I'll have to replace the kids' car seats because they have glass in them."

Homes in Union Hill are spaced close together and the cars are parked close to the homes.

In Hawk's case, his car was no more than 10 feet from his home, while Moyer and Shisslak's vehicles were parked within four feet of the home.

Shisslak said that he went to bed about 1 a.m. Neighbors getting ready to go to work at 3 a.m. reported not hear anything unusual.

Officer Doll puts the time of the shootings between 10 p.m. Sunday night and 5 a.m. Monday morning. He confirmed that he had heard of four reports of cars on Union Hill having their car windows shot out with pellet guns, but said there may be more.

There was also a pile of safety glass on Fairview Street where it was obvious a car had been moved and the glass left behind. Another car that was parked had its side window shot. The glass that remained was splintered.

"What if the kids were in the car," said Melissa Beer, Shisslak's girlfriend. "You can't see in the windows when the cars are moving. How ignorant!"

Beer has twin sons who turned 3 on Sunday.

Officer Doll said that if anyone has any information about the shootings, they should call Franklin Township police at (610) 377-1681 or the Carbon County Communications Center at (570) 325-9111.