Dear Editor:

I would like to congratulate the Tamaqua Area School District on winning their assessment appeals. I find it hard to believe that they can take pleasure in raising the property taxes on all 54 of these property owners during rough economic times that we are going through.

Speaking for myself, I moved back to Tamaqua, bought a small home and hoped to be able to enjoy my retirement. I'm living on a pension and haven't had a cost of living raise in over 10 years. I'm not living in my home six months, when I get a "Welcome home letter" advising me that my home is being appraised. I can now clearly see why more and more elderly people are giving up their homes. After taxes, insurance, utilities and maintenance costs, there is nothing left in the pot to live on. The school district should be proud of winning all these assessment appeals. You put a bit hit on the pockets of a lot of people. My biggest hope is that the legislature will soon pass the bills eliminating the property tax. That way, we can all pay taxes equally, not just us property owners taking care of the greatest share.


John C. Hafer,