Pleasant Valley High School Junior Ashley Flugel, who turned 17 on September 11th, spent the day practicing her driving skills in the parking lot of the high school.

Her mom and dad, Donna and George Flugel placed cones around the parking lot outside the school to help prepare Ashley for her drivers test. Ashley wants to be able to drive to her part-time job at CVS drugstore in Effort. Mostly oblivious to the September 11th events 10 years earlier, her Mother, Donna recalled bringing cupcakes to the school early for the first graders birthday party and returning home that morning to see the Twin Towers over and over going down. "We knew something had happened, but we didn't know what." Her father was at work, he said, and returned in the evening. He won't forget that day, as a world event or as his daughter's birthday. Ashley said she has plans to attend college after graduating from Pleasant Valley next year and in 10 years she said, "I'll be 27. A nurse maybe … married with children," with a big grin smiling brightly and holding tight to the wheel.