The committee for the reunion for class years 1955 to 1965, Jim Thorpe High School needs help in locating the following individuals. If anyone has any of these addresses, please notify Al Sellers, committee chairman, at (570) 656-2239 or email him at

Class of 1956: William Becker, Donald Black, Gertrude (Mueller) Klemp, Allentown; Myron O'Neill, Paul Solomon

Class of 1958: Ceil McHale Hoherchak and Theresa (Sully) Myers

Class of 1959: Rose Bartholomew Cooperman, Robert Kocher and Thomas Mimm

Class of 1961: Robert Balliet

Class of 1962: Patricia Baird, Paul Hydro, Joseph Karper, and Barbara Koons

Class of 1963: Catherine Kissner, Kathleen Kemmerer Williams and Evelyn Kemmerer Wisler

Class of 1965: Judy Berger, William Dart, Bertha Kattner Hoherchak, Richard Keiper, Joseph Kibler, Del-Louise Moyer, Daniel Ohl, Barbara Williams Smedley, Ruth Mary Swank, Diane Williams and Elizabeth Zellner.

The reunion is being planned for the fall of 2012.