The newest installment of academic stalwarts were inducted recently into the Palmerton National Junior Honor Society.

The event was held in the high school auditorium and began with a prelude and processional given by Superintendent Carol Boyce.

After a rendition of the Pledge of Allegiance, Thaddeus Kosciolek, junior high school principal, welcomed the students.

A candle lighting ceremony followed, with Scholarship, Alyssa Acker; Service, Brynn Boehler; Leadership, Kole Rodrigues; Character, Rhianna Delich; and Citizenship, Tyler King.

Brad Landis, NJHS Advisor, then proceeded with the induction ceremony, at which time 21 students were initiated. The oath was given by Brock Moyer, president of the NJHS.

Boyce and Charles Sterling, president of Palmerton Area High School's National Honor Society, gave the address to the new members. Landis then gave closing remarks.

The Alma Mater was led by Kole Rodriguez and Vithusha Selvavelautham. The program ended with the Recessional.

The students who were inducted into the NJHS were Alyssa Acker, Jagr Andress, Seth Andress, Erika Beers, Brynn Boehler, Rhianna Delich, Benjamin Everett, Lila Goodhile, Scott Heffelfinger, Shaelyn Heft, Tyler King, Brock Moyer, Kendra Pekurny, Kole Rodrigues, Toby Sander, Devon Santos, Gavin Scott, Vithusha Selvavelautham, Zachary Svetik, Cowan Unger and Nash Wenner.

The 2011-12 NJHS Officers are Moyer, president; Sander, vice president; Pekurny, treasurer; and Beers, secretary.