A scarecrow epidemic has cropped up in Palmerton just in time for the Halloween season.

But, this particular outbreak is by design as part of a Scarecrow Display promotion all month long by the Palmerton Area Chamber of Commerce.

Various businesses along Delaware Avenue have placed scarecrows in front of their establishments and in their windows.

The scarecrows are dressed in a manner that identifies each business. The displays are available during the participants' business hours.

The level of cooperation has been impressive, according to Joan Turko, coordinator of the Palmerton Area Chamber of Commerce Scarecrow Display.

"It is not too late to participate, as the scarecrows will be out the entire month of October," Turko said. "We are pleased with the response and the creativity that has been shown, marking another event for the centennial of Palmerton's incorporation."

However, the promotion and celebration isn't limited to just Delaware Avenue, as private homes are welcome to participate and show their creativity as well, Turko said.

Palmerton Lumber Company charged businesses a $10 fee to make stands for those who needed them. Stands can be ordered by calling Brian Billig at (610) 824-4888.

Also as part of the centennial of its 1912 incorporation, a kickoff dinner at Blue Ridge Country Club was held last month to start the celebration.