Kristin Lawrence, Jim Thorpe

Highlight Package - Ranks fourth in the Schuylkill League, currently with points at 32 total, as she has amassed 12 goals and eight assists so far. She plays forward and midfield for the Lady Olympians and, as a perfectionist, takes her role as a vocal leader on the field.

Favorite Sports Team - Penn State University

Favorite Athlete - Mia Hamm

Favorite Sports Movie - Bend It Like Beckham

Favorite Subject in School - Gym

Favorite Song - "All the Above" by Maino

Favorite Food - Pizza

Years Participating in Soccer - 14 years

Most Memorable Moment in Soccer - Going to Districts in 2010 was pretty special, considering that the girls' soccer team at Jim Thorpe has only been in existence since 2009.

"The thing that I like most about playing soccer is... working together as a team, and when we work together well, it's such a great feeling. Even though we've been playing together for so long for other younger teams, it's really nice to represent Jim Thorpe on the soccer field."