The Western Pocono Community Library held a dedication ceremony, honoring people and organizations that have made a donation to the library of a $1,000 or more.

Name plates were added to plaques that hang on the wall for all to see when one enters the library.

Carol Kern, the library's director, said that the board just held it's 37th annual meeting and it was with gratitude that they thank everyone for their financial donations.

"Just look around and see where your funds have gone," she said with pride of the beautiful building.

The library was started in a room at Zion Lutheran Church in 1974. It moved to the former home of John C. Mills and served the community until the new building was constructed on Pilgrim's Lane in 2000. The collection of the library contains 53,662 volumes and circulates 312,942 items per year. The library serves a population of 29,051 residents.

As Kern announced the names to be added to the Memorial Plaque, member/s of that person's family came forward to paste it on the plaque and received a red rose: Otto and Royale Mills in memory of Otto and Ida Mills; Margaret Quigley in memory of Michael James Quigley; Jacqueline Mock in memory of 142nd Birthday of Beatrix Potter; Stacy Meckes in memory of Barbara L. Everett, a name plate from family and friends and one from the board of trustees.

Name plates were added to the Campaign for Tomorrow plaque, of people or organizations that donated $1,000 or more. Those names were: Linda and James Hewlings; Lions Club; Lioness Club; Western Pocono Women's Club; West End Rotary; Vincent R. Morello, Jr.; Arsha Vidya Pitham; Lydia and Robert Boileau; Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Hildabrant; Mr. and Mrs. David Lantz; Dr. and Mrs. James H. Leiding; Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Matheson; Christine Nelson; Mr. and Mrs. John E. Burrus.