Girls played football while guys dressed as cheerleaders during the annual Powder Puff benefit held Tuesday evening at the Tamaqua Sports stadium to support the Sabrina Hill Scholarship and other charities.

Sabrina Hill was a Tamaqua senior who passed away in September following a vehicle accident in Walker Township.

The benefit, hosted by the Tamaqua High School Biology Club, involved female students from each high school class trying for the Powder Puff championship.

Seniors won against the Sophmores, 8-0, while the Juniors won, 36-8, over the freshmen.

In the end, the Juniors won over the Seniors, 20-0.

Coaches were DJ Jones, Dustin Vandermartin, Peter Baddick, Joey Marcin, Tyler Hope, Zach Zucatti, Tyler Groner, Jarred Muffley and Matt Delborrello. Referees were Keith Kranch, Nolan Zeigler, Jake Love, Jake Kunkel, Eric Fiorella and Cody Houser.

Announcers were Matt Kurek and Anthony Iacoviello. Male cheerleaders were Ivan Munoz, Steven Moyer, Joey Franko, Tyler Butkis, Gabe Bunberger and Eddie Krell. The event was under the supervision of Roseann Weinrich, biology teacher and senior class advisor, who stated her appreciation to all the spectators and students that got involved to help support the cause.