(Kneeling left) Chief Chris Rudolph and (kneeling right) Britney Ruth with Cody, a five-month-old yellow lab in training, of Pocono Search and Rescue, an all volunteer organization, gave a presentation at the Western Pocono Community Library's TAB and NiteLite groups. The young people, like this group of Rangers from Pleasant Valley Assembly of God, learned some key instructions of what to do if lost in the woods. The most important step Chief Rudolph said was to find a large tree and don't move. Wait until someone comes to find you. Some other tips he gave if hiking are: take a backpack, and prepare it as if you were going to be gone for 24 hours, make sure you pack candy/trail mix, two-three bottles of water; small trash bag to be used as a poncho, flashlight, matches, first aid kit and a pocket knife. He advised the young people to learn more on their own about survival.