Rushing water overwhelmed the entire lower level and upper loading dock area of the St. Luke's Miners Memorial Hospital in Coaldale during a water main break that occurred just before 6 a.m. today.

Hospital employees and workers with the Lansford/Coaldale Water Authority could be seen scrambling to shut off water inlets to the hospital in attempts to slow or stop the damaging flow of water.

An official on scene stated that water levels inside reached 10 inches in some departments.

Flooded areas consist of the main lobby, emergency room, offices, radiology, lab and offices.

The force of the escaping water on the second level, which is located on sloping ground level, could be seen pushing up a concrete sidewalk slab located in the upper parking lot directly behind the hospital.

There were no reports of any patient evacuations, although there was a limitation of employees allowed into the hospital. No more information was available as of press time.

Hospital officials weren't available at presstime to comment on the situation.

Volunteers with the Coaldale Fire Department are also assisting.

At presstime jackhammers were heard digging up pavement as workers attempted to get to the leak. Yellow police tape surrounded the parking lot, limiting access to the hospital.