The Broadway Grille in Jim Thorpe was the setting for the 2011 Annual Dinner Meeting of the United Way of Carbon County (UWCC). Along with dinner and the agency's meeting, those attending also watched a Power-Point presentation and a presentation by Carbon County Friends of Animals. Pictured in photo are, front : Donna Lennon (left), VP Agency Distributions; and Dr. Lisa Bleicher, VP Campaign Fundraising. In the rear, left to right : Mindy Graver, Vice President; Angela Nardini, VP, PR, Media & Marketing; Lore McLaughin, Secretary; Sharon Cimino, Campaign & Fundraising Committee; Oscar Santizo, Campaign and Fundraising Committee; Jennifer Karnish, Treasurer; Bernetta Frantz, VP Agency Liaison; and Mellisa Binder, President. Anyone interested in more information on the United Way of Carbon County can visit their website at