Students attending Lehighton Area High School have artistic talent, which was obvious to the crowd attending the recently held senior art show at the high school.

"This show features all grades and all levels are represented," said Mike Renock, art instructor.

Renock said that now that he has been teaching art at the high school for a number of years, he has seen some of his students complete college. "It is gratifying to see their successes in life."

"I'm helping students develop their own individual style," he said. "After we've learned traditional and art history, we've moved into techniques and then allowed them to put it all together."

The art show wasn't only about art works, but also included professional displays, which were also made by the students. The show included live pottery throwing demonstration and music, plus there were refreshments.

Also Bernie Shea, instructor for photography and wood shop, had some of his photography students and wood and metal shop students display their work.