The Borough of Lansford Public Works Department has established a street sweeping schedule for May. The work will commence on Monday.

All streets will be posted "no parking" on the day scheduled. All dates for sweeping are weather pending. The Borough kindly requests the cooperation of residents and business owners in order for street sweeping to be performed as efficiently as possible.

Residents are also reminded to clean up after their pets on private and public property. Special concern must be shown for areas where children play. "Summer is coming and children will be spending a lot of time at our local pool and playgrounds. Residents should get in the habit of carrying a small bag and scoop when they walk their dog," said Councilman Lenny Kovach.

Street sweeping will be done from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. according to the following schedule.

Monday May 9: Patterson, Ridge and Bertsch streets, north side;

Tuesday, May 10: Patterson, Ridge and Bertsch streets, south side; Andrewsville and Front Street;

Wednesday, May 11: Abbott Street, north side; Water Street, both sides; Springgarden Street and Snyder Avenue, both sides;

Thursday, May 12: Abbott Street, south side; all streets traveling north/south located on the west side of the borough;

Friday, May 13: Kline Avenue, both sides; all streets traveling north/ south located on the east side of the borough.