Shortly after the jury was dismissed by Schuylkill County Judge Jacqueline Russell after being unable to reach a verdict in the murder trial of Julius C. Enoe, 32, of Reading, for the death of Bruce L. Forker, of Shenandoah, District Attorney James P. Goodman called the victim's family into his office and told them he is not finished trying to convict Enoe. Under the law the Commonwealth has 180 days to bring Enoe to trial.

Goodman was seeking a conviction of a charge of murder in the first degree but his only witnesses who pinned Enoe to the scene were both involved in a botched up burglary which resulted in Forker being shot point blank in the back of the head.

Jahmal Oliverre, a nephew of the defendant, and Damon Ennett, both testified Enoe entered the home with a gun and shot Forker. Enoe denied the shooting, He testified he was not in Shenandoah that night and didn't know Forker.

No new trial date has been set. Goodman must first notify the court his intentions to retry Enoe before a new date is set by the trial judge.