Lions and Lioness members from the Western Pocono clubs met at the Zion Lutheran Church in Brodheadsville to judge advertising awards for the Mid-Atlantic Community Papers Association (MACPA). All publications were of the free variety that may be picked up at local grocery, variety and drug stores, or are delivered to local residents.

Bob Argot, Dave Rowan and Charles Rush, Lions, along with Lioness Nancy Beck, Tena Dabour, Camille DeSando and Virginia Lamendola, spent numerous hours poring over the publications in various categories.

Some were judged for the best overall appearance throughout the paper while others were judged for specific ads entered by the newspaper publishers.

MACPA represents free audited publications through eight states with a total circulation of 4.5 million. Guiding the Lions and Lioness in their efforts were Alyse Mitten, MACPA Executive Director, assistant Kasey Mitten, and committee chairperson Ruth Isenberg, editor of the Pocono area's Journal of the Pocono Plateau.