A 4-month-old kitten that doctors think was hit by a car needs your help.

The kitten was found recently by a passing motorist alongside a road in the area of Beltzville. She took the feline to Mahoning Valley Animal Hospital for treatment.

Diane Sharpless of Cats Peek Rescue in New Ringgold, an organization that specializes in helping kittens, explained that Dr. Christopher Carpenter examined the kitten and determined that she had suffered head trauma and had a broken jaw. She required surgery.

Dr. Mary Lombardo of the Mahoning Valley Animal Hospital performed the surgery on Monday. At that time, she wired the kitten's jaw and spayed her.

The kitten, who is very friendly but spooks easily, remained at Mahoning Valley Animal Hospital until Tuesday evening, when that same passing motorist, who asked not to be identified, came to pick her up.

Sharpless said that the kitten will be fostered by that family until she has recovered.

Once the kitten's jaw is healed, she will require a second surgery to remove the wire.

Sharpless said that Cats Peek Rescue is trying to raise the funds to cover the costs for this kitten's surgeries and medical expenses.

Anyone who would like to help the kitten can do so by sending a check to Cats Peek Rescue, 25 Lumber Lane, New Ringgold, PA 17960; visit www.catspeekrescue.org to give through their PayPal account; or stop by the Mahoning Valley Animal Hospital, 2967 Blakeslee Blvd. Dr. W., Andreas.

"We are asking for your help in helping this little girl live," Sharpless said. "If you can find it in your heart and your budget to contribute toward the surgery we would greatly appreciate it."