Bail hearings

Justin David Blume, 38, of 16 Golf Road, Barnesville, had his bail revoked by Judge John E. Domalakes and he was remanded to the county prison to await trail on charges of carrying a 45 calibre revolver without a license, terrrorsitic threats, simple assault and recklessly endangering Vicki Jones, of New Philadelphia Road, West Brunswick Township, and disordelry conduct as charged by Trooper Bernard J. Walasavage.

Credit card debts

Commonwealth Financial Systems Inc., Scranton, filed suit against Kevin M. Evans, 110 S. Kennedy Drive, McAdoo, alleging $9,641.70 is owed on the credit card account.

GE Money Bank, Alpharetta, Ga., filed suit against Barbara Garber, 148 Grier Avenue, Barnesville, alleging $19,386.71 is the balance owed on her credit card.

Portfolio Recovery, Norfolk, Va., filed suit against Lisa M. Kapess, 135 E. Washington St., McAdoo, alleging $2,686.99 is owed on her credit card.