An Eagle Scout Court of Honor was recently held at the Calvary Episcopal Church in Tamaqua to honor Jeremy Scott Thomas. Thomas, a member of the Nesquehoning Scout Troop 744 and a former member of Lehighton Troop 82, earned his Eagle award after completing refurbishing work at the church, which also houses the Tamaqua Adult Daycare Center. Thomas is a member of the congregation, as well.

"The church needed the help," said Thomas. "They had to close the daycare because of the problems."

Thomas helped clear vines that were breaking up the stonework on the church, installed new gutters, and helped fix up other parts in need of repair.

Both Scout Troops participated in the Court of Honor. Thomas was a member of the Lehighton troop until about a year and a half ago, when he transferred to the Nesquehoning troop. "As soon as I met him, I knew he had what it took to become an Eagle," said Joseph Trimmel, the past scout master of Troop 744. "He has a quiet sense of leadership, a positive attitude," he added. "I've never heard him say anything negative." Thomas already serves as an assistant leader and scout master with the troop.

"Scouting was really about the fun and games for me, until I got to be a first class scout," said Thomas, "then, I really started pushing for Eagle. I'm really happy and proud right now." During the ceremony, Thomas thanked his parents, Donna and Morgan Thomas, for their support during his rise to Eagle Scout. "My parents are always there to support and guide me, and to keep pushing me," he said. He also thanked Trimmel and his wife, Donna, for their support as he completed his Eagle Scout project. He expressed gratitude to his scout leaders, including Scott Wingert, the scout master of Troop 82, and the members of both of the troops for helping him to "gain confidence, leadership skills, organizational skills, and to be accountable and responsible for my actions."

Thomas plans to continue in scouting. He recently graduated from the Panther Valley High School and plans to pursue a career in steam fitting, following an apprenticeship program. A reception for Thomas was held at La Dolce Casa following the ceremony.