After a long and tiring battle between the unknown authors of the website and some Slatington Borough Council members, and residents, the site authors offered a virtual apology in a farewell letter addressed to the Citizens of Slatington.

The site, which gained notoriety by posting perceived derogatory videos of some council members and statements that brought to light questionable council decisions, also created a stir in the community because of the web developer's continual refusal to reveal the identities of the site authors.

As of now, all of the site's content has been removed except for an open farewell letter addressed to the Citizens of Slatington that reads, in part, "We had set out to educate and motivate the citizens of this community in an effort to affect positive change to a town that many would agree is in need of improvement. However, in light of recent events, it appears as though we are now a town starkly divided with deep-rooted animosities toward one-another. Our efforts may have contributed in part or in full to that and again we offer our apologies."

Although the letter does not state what those "recent events" are, it could include the latest Slatington controversy over the Northern Lehigh Swimming Pool (NLSP), since that 'event,' is mentioned several times in the letter and it also caused a storm when the pool was forced to delay its opening because Councilwoman Kris Burek accused the NLSP of stealing water from the Slatington authority.

Burek's actions ignited a series of events that resulted in shutting down filling the pool, gallons before it reached its operational water level.

This created problems for the pool employees and also caused a rumpus in the community. The council meeting that followed the 'event' had to be moved from borough hall to the fire department to accommodate more than a hundred disgruntled residents.

For three hours, resident after resident chided Burek, and some asked for her resignation. As the crowd thinned out, the borough took a short break and moved the meeting back to borough hall. Despite the fact that the council had a full agenda, Burek did not show up for the second half of the meeting, which continued until after midnight.

As for revealing their identities, the authors wrote, "If, after all of this time, you are still eager to know who created this website, click here "Creators Revealed." That click takes the reader to a picture of our forefathers signing the Constitution of the United States.