A mama bear and two cubs created excitement in a Palmerton neighborhood on the morning of May 31 and the visit was captured on camera by Carla Binder of Edgemont Avenue.

"I must say, it was an exciting morning when the bears went through our neighborhood," she said. "This particular family, a mama and her two cubs, had wandered through our yard on previous evenings after dark."

She noted that the cubs usually went up the steps of her deck to investigate the bird feeders.

On this particular morning, the two cubs walked through the yard, one at a time.

"I had been alerted about the first bear by our neighbor, Bonnie, when she saw a bear pacing back and forth by our front door," Carla said. "She said I had better tell the person on the lawn mower to get in the house, but one had already passed my dad by that time.

"Soon after the mama bear came through, apparently looking for her cubs. She had walked around our yard and was then walking through the yard of our neighbors, Bonnie and Roger Paules, when I took the photos of her (they live directly across the street from us)."

Her father, Donald Frable, was on the riding mower cutting grass at the time.

"He was still outside when the second cub walked through," she said.

After spotting the police car on Edgemont Avenue, Carla said the mother bear went back up into the brush for awhile before eventually making her way back down, and cooling off across the alley in a neighbor's fish pond!